Welcome to Groh School Council!

Groh’s School Council is made up of a maximum of 12 parent/guardian voting members and the school Principal as well as teacher and support staff representatives. For listing of current members, please see: School Council Executive & Members at Large (Groh Public School) (wrdsb.ca).

The Council meets a minimum of four times during the school year. Meeting dates and agenda as well as meeting minutes are posted here: School Council Meeting Dates, Agendas & Minutes (Groh Public School) (wrdsb.ca). The meetings provide an opportunity to share information and brainstorm ideas as part of providing parent input for the school, School Board and Ministry of Education programs and plans. Members of the Council invite involvement from all parents and guardians of children at Groh PS. Involvement need not be a major time commitment and can occur at any time throughout the school year.

This year’s School Council involvement will look a little different due to Covid. As at this point, we are unable to run any fundraising activities or in-school events and are limited in what we can do to contribute to student engagement. However, we still encourage parents to get involved by attending the meetings and staying up to date on the Council’s activities which are typically shared through School Day notifications.

Why get involved in Groh’s School Council?
  • Research has shown that parental involvement in their children’s school is a major factor in the children achieving their best.  Involvement in the School Council is a way to show your son or daughter how much you value his or her school and education.
  • The school Principal reports at every meeting on activities and programs at Groh and in the school system – this is a great way for you to keep informed as a parent.
  • Parents have the opportunity through the School Council to influence decisions made by the administration at Groh, the School Board and the Ministry of Education.
  • Meetings are informal and an ideal way to get to know other parents at the school.
  • Once the Covid situation improves, and Public Health guidelines allow for regular involvement at the school, we are hoping to continue with fundraising activities so that we can support important materials and activities at Groh. Without the work of parent volunteers to make those fundraisers successful, students at Groh PS would miss out.

Each year the way in which Council’s money is spent varies; in the past years, the money has gone to support technology in the classrooms, home reading materials, music instruments, physical activities equipment and team jerseys, special education materials, visiting speakers, artists, or performers, and subsidizing some off-campus trips. These requests are discussed with the School Council prior to allocating the funds, but are ultimately under the oversight of the school Principal.

Please contact us if you have any fundraising ideas, questions or concerns.
School Council Executive

Helena Keirstead (Chair); Contact: dhkeirstead@rogers.com

Karin Worth (Vice-Chair); Contact: karinmworth2@gmail.com

Sharan Jandu (Treasurer); Contact: sharan1205@gmail.com

Cheryl Fuller (Secretary); Contact: lewischeryl@hotmail.com