February 7th Walk to School Day

Wednesday, February 7th is the region’s annual “WINTER WALK DAY”.  As we all know, there are too many parents who drive their kids to and from school each day, creating congested and unsafe road conditions for our students.  We want to take this opportunity on February 7th to promote that all students and parents walk to school.  We want to recreate the walking school bus (just as we did on the first day of school in September). Groh staff and student leaders will be stationed at various points throughout the neighbourhood to guide students and parents on the walk to school. Students will be holding flags (a symbol of diversity and unity) as an extension of our school’s Winter Olympics celebration.

What we are asking of you, the parent, is that you help us by modelling the walk to school yourself with your children.  We will use the exact same map as September’s first day of school and ask that all students, parents and staff to participate in the walk. Groh staff members will station themselves at the designated corners accordingly that morning.  We will begin walking to school at the times that are indicated on the map. We will walk towards the school and meet in on the tarmac for a brief rally.  Our goal is to help the community realize that walking to school is safer, healthier, more environmentally friendly, and great for getting to know the neighbourhood and creating community connections.

We are letting you know well in advance so that you may have a chance to make arrangements for that morning.

We thank you all in advance for your participation and support of this energizing initiative.